The last years‘ New Years‘ Resolutions. What about them?



Hello lovelies!

2012 has in so many ways been a very emotional year for me. I had to face a horrible loss and I think the fact that a very important person is gone has influenced me in different ways this year. I have learned to embrace my family and to cherish the moments we get to spend together. I have learned that work is not the main part of my life. I have learned that I need to be thankful for every day I spend on earth being healthy. I also have to be graceful in so many ways. So I tried to be thankful this year and even though there is this huge black mark on my calendar I have also had some very great adventures in 2012. Just to name a few of them: I made some new friends. The Mr. and I grew closer to each other. I got a new job (and that is the best thing that has happened in 2012!!!!). I flew to spain and to Malta (I have never ever been on a plane before). I made my own stamps and sold them. ^^ I got to know a lot of great kids (a nice side effect of my new work). I went to the gym. I cooked a lot. I baked a lot. I gave a lot of presents.

Right now it is also the perfect time to talk about my 2012 New Years‘ resolutions and talk about which I fulfilled and which ones didn’t make it 🙂

1. SAVE some money. Let’s not talk about that right now 🙂

2. Start a HEALTHY life. Not sure if this should be crossed out or left open. I am getting there. Not eating too much candy and stuff. But it’s a long way!

3. Re-open the Etsy-SHOP.  Well, I did. But I also re-opened the Dawanda Shop and that seemed to be more worth it. So I stick to the Dawanda Shop.

4. TRAVEL. Like I said – I have been travelling and I feel so happy about that. I hope next year I’ll be travelling even more.

5. Keep our house CLEAN and ORGANIZED. Yeah, it is a shame but I am trying hard to be organized. Somehow it won’t work. I guess I’ll have to keep trying.

6. Take good (better) care of FRIENDSHIPS. I feel like I totally did. I spent more time with friends and also got to meet a few „old“ friends as well as new one.

7. Spend more time AWAY from the interwebs. That’s a big success this year. Maybe it is because of the circumstances but I feel like this time away from the online-world makes my life more excited than any website could ever have done! I am still spending a lot of time online, though.

8. Finally take SEWING LESSONS. I was pretty close to signing up for sewing lessons but my friend who wanted to join me, couldn’t make it and I was too shy to go alone. Maybe in 2013?

9. Take the lactosefree diet more SERIOUS. The Mr. might disagree but I think I really did take my diet more serious. But I could never ever resist a good bowl of icecream or a chocolate bar.

10. Go to the GYM more often – at least twice a week. With the ZUMBA class I have joined, I really went to the gym twice a week. I tried to add a third day of sports to my schedule but this wasn’t a success. In the winter, going to the gym is even more hard. But I am still doing it. HA!

11. CREATE with passion. I might not have created a lot this year but all the stuff I made was made with passion. That’s a big deal, isn’t it?

12. Adopt a baby KITTY. Haha, no. We didn’t adopt a baby kitty. Mostly because our cat would not be amused.



How about your 2012 resolutions? Success or still in progress?




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  1. you got a lot done on your list! =) sounds like you really had a big year, katja, and i’m glad that you made it out with a smile. happy new year!

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