This year, I resolve to…



… be happy. 

I feel like I really want to achieve this one. Being happy is a great goal, don’t you think? I seriously don’t want to complain too much about my life anymore. I want to embrace the beauty of the world and simply smile.

… be nice.

I think of myself as a nice person anyways. But I would love to do nice stuff more often. Giving is something I have always loved doing. And this year, giving should be more than just a thought or nice words. I don’t know how (yet) but I’ll be a very nice person this year.

… be organized.

Haha, this has been the ultimate goal for years now. But it is still on the list. I don’t know how people stay organized, there’s just too much chaos in my head. Meh!

… choose quality over quantity.

This is a great resolution for every part of my life. I own a closet full of dresses and jeans and shirts – I don’t need any more of them. And if I buy stuff I want it to be high quality. So I’d rather buy a few brilliant things instead of a lot „not so great“ ones.

… develop a cleaning routine for our home.

Every other day when I enter the bathroom and feel confused by all the chaos I think to myself: I need to clean this room. And even though this system works pretty weel for me, it stresses me out a lot. So I want to start a cleaning routine right away. Like, cleaning the bathroom on mondays, wednesdays and saturdays. Like, vacuuming on saturdays. Any advices on that?

… try a new recipe at least once a week.

This week I made Soljanka. It is a soup my mom used to cook a lot when I was younger. Also it is very simple. But it wasn’t until yesterday that I really tried cooking it myself. We’ll be eating this delicious soup tonight and I can’t wait to smell and taste it. Feels like 20 years ago!

… write a daily journal. 

I have already started writing my thoughts down every night before I go to sleep. It will be an easy routine soon.


What about you? Anything to add?





5 Gedanken zu “This year, I resolve to…

  1. Super Vorsätze! Bei mir ist es die Küche, die immer so schlimm chaotisch ist, und das muss sich definitiv ändern. ;D

    Wünsche dir ein wunderbares Jahr 2013!!

  2. Dreimal in der Woche das Bad putzen? Krass. Hast du nicht eine Vollzeitstelle? Das würde ich nicht mal schaffen, wenn ich sonst *keine* einzige andere Aufgabe im Leben hätte!

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