The Mr. gave me a Kindle. I loved it from the start.


Hey there!

After years of not knowing whether I should get myself an amazon Kindle, the Mr. finally got me one as a christmas gift. I liked it right from the start. But I have spoken to a few friends who were really not sure (like I was) if they should get one. So here’s my Pro / Con List to help you decide:


– it is a lightweight

– it is the size of a normal book, but thin

– you can sit on your bed and purchase a new book and it will be available on your kindle within seconds (I am really enjoying this part because it happens quite often that I want to read another book desperately and couldn’t wait for the next day to buy it in a bookstore or – even worse – couldn’t wait for amazon to deliver it)

– there are millions of great cases to make your kindle a stylish one

– it saves a lot of space on your bookshelves

– the battery lasts like forever

– it is easy to read on. I thought it would be weird (like reading on your pc monitor) but it is not weird at all. Such great stuff!

– kindle books are much cheaper than paper books.


– let’s be honest: it is not a real book. You don’t get that „new book“ smell. You cannot put the book on your shelf after you read it. It is NOT a real book, yeah.

– since it is so easy to buy books for my Kindle I really do buy a lot more books. That’s a Con because I spend more money than I actually would have spent if I had to buy my books in a bookstore. But I seriously don’t mind.

There’s no other Con for me. If you have anything to add, please let me know!




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  1. hi nora,
    yeah, that’s a great point you’re making. i think more people (me included) should think of our environment…

  2. I have a con:
    it’s made of plastic, it only works with energy and both facts are bad for the environment. Even if paper is made from trees (trees can be planted!!), the oil/fuel the plastic is made of, is a fossil energy – that means it’s limited! Remeber the oil desaster in the US? By thinkig of that, I try to live a life with less plastic. Thats what I try to do for future.

  3. I got my kindle about two years ago, when there were only the (slightly) bigger ones with a keyboard (only english keyboard, there was no german kindle back then) and i really love it since then. i like books and bookshelves but they need so much space, especially if you read a lot, like i do. and i want to move soon so i have to take care of all these books. for me the kindle is just perfect to fit in my handbag for a bus ride or when i can’t decide which books to take on a holiday, i just take them all. i still buy books from time to time but at the moment i read with the kindle most of the time…
    which one did you get by the way? i have never tried the „paperwhite“ and i really want to know if it’s good…

  4. Hi Katja, I had to smile when I read your article today. I had the exact same problem. And then my hubby gave me a Kindle for my bday (which is just after Christmas 😉 And I do like it too cos it’s very handy. But I also love to hold a REAL book 🙂
    Have fun with your new toy.
    all the best

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