My new craft room

Hey there!

After weeks of stressing out over „not so much space“ in my old craft room I finally got a new one. This room has actually been our storeroom but since it is pretty big we decided to use it as my craft room. And it was totally worth all the sweat we put in it! We had to build wooden floors for the first time. I painted the (wooden) ceiling white to make the whole room more bright.

I painted a deep red on one of the walls. I organized. The organization might have been the most nerve wrecking part though 🙂

But have a look yourself:

craftroom 1 maedchenmitherz

This is the left side when you enter the room. In the cabinet, I store all the things I need. Like yarn, envelopes, stamps…

craftroom 2 maedchenmitherz

And of course there’s a typewriter. I love typewriters. But you know that.

craftroom 3 maedchenmitherz

A little corner where I keep some of my yarn as well and my dress form.

craftroom 4 maedchenmitherz

My sewing corner. I am so happy with the desk! It is perfection. Why? Because it is big enough to spread my fabrics and cut them and also to just start sewing.

craftroom 5 maedchenmitherz

craftroom 6 maedchenmitherz

I am using mason jars to a) look pretty and b) hold tiny stuff like thread, needles…

craftroom 7 maedchenmitherz

Of course, the cat has his place here, too.

craftroom 9 maedchenmitherz

(ignore the teeeeeeny tiny bit of a mess!)craftroom 8 maedchenmitherz

Have I told you I have a deep red wall right now? There it is! This is the place I want to spend time writing blog posts and getting creative with paper.

The baskets you see in the last picture all contain countless yards of fabric. I am a hoarder. Bleh!

Anyways… this is my new – clean and organized – craft room. I can’t wait until the ideas start rolling in again!



17 Gedanken zu “My new craft room

  1. the mister and i actually moved a few months ago to our own apartment, and it has a small second bedroom we’re going to use as a crafts room! we haven’t gotten around to furnishing it yet, but i’m so excited!

  2. 🙂 i am definitely not rich at all. most of the furniture was already in our home so we moved it around a bit. and we did all the work ourselves – walls, ceiling, floors… it was quite a challenge but i am happy with the result. and yeah, our cat is amazing ❤

  3. Excuse me while I die with jealousy! I love what you’ve done with the space. I think it’s got the right amount of practicality and prettiness. You have great taste. I am sure you will enjoy working in here.

    Love Katie x

  4. Oh ganz toll ist dein neues Zimmer! Und so riiiiiiesig!
    Ich muss mein kleines Bastelreich nun leider aufgeben und habe dann gar keinen Platz mehr – das fehlt mir jetzt schon!!!

    Liebsten Gruß aus Köln!

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