Tuesday reads –

tuesday reads

Hello there and happy tuesday!

The book I am representing to you today is one of the cutest books I have ever read. Quite thin though – but very, very cute. Oh, and wise.

The book I am talking about is called

All die Jahre: Eine Schafsliebe – „All the years: A sheeps‘ love „by Amelie Fichte and Volker Sponholz

It is only available in german.

The Story:

Like I said: It is a thin book but the cutest I have read in a long time. Lilja and Antoni are two sheeps who have been married for a long time. And like in most marriages, after some time, they take each other for granted. So one day Antoni leaves to buy some cigarettes. When Lilja is alone, it strikes her: What if Antoni never comes back? So she wonders and spends some of the loneliest hours until…. well, does Antoni return or doesn’t he? You’ll have to read it yourself.

Is it worth reading?

It is! This is a silent story of love and the way we treat the people we love. About how one minute can change your whole life. And about taking things for granted.

It is also a very good gift because people start to smile immediately.





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