A valentine’s DIY: cute heart shaped ring.

Hello lovelies!

Since it is valentine’s day some time soon I thought I should share a cute little something you could hand to your best friend for letting her know you like her very much. I am sure you have seen these kind of rings all over the internet lately but I wanted to make one of my own and share how I did it here with you guys:

diy heart shaped ring maedchenmitherz1

Here’s what you will need:

diy heart shaped ring maedchenmitherz2


Simple craft wire, a pen and some tools. That’s all!

diy valetines ring maedchenmitherz3


First you have to cut a long strap from the wire – 10 – 15 cm long. Then, form a heart. Just follow the instructions above and you’ll do pretty fine.

diy heart shaped ring maedchenmitherz4


Now wrap the wire around your pen. This will do much better than wrapping it around your finger! I used a felt tip pen that is quite thick – you might want to find something similar. I have seen people using lipbalm sticks as well.

diy heart shaped ring maedchenmitherz5


Once you wrapped all the wire around the pen, you will be done!

diy heart shaped ring maedchenmitherz6


My wire made it twice around the pen. I thought the edges of my wire were too sharp so I used a very thin wire and wrapped it around the edges so the wire wouldn’t hurt me. It is your decision if you want to do so too or if you’ll be fine without some extra wire.

diy heart shaped ring maedchenmitherz



Isn’t this simple craft the cutest thing you have seen in a while? Awwwww, I melt!

Have fun creating!





14 Gedanken zu “A valentine’s DIY: cute heart shaped ring.

  1. I love this ring! I got a ring like this as a birthday present from my husband. It´s gold and just purely beautiful! Perfect idea as a valentine´s gift to a really good friend. ❤

  2. Hallo Katia 🙂
    Ich finde die Idee toll! Habe vor kurzem einen ähnlichen Ring bei Etsy gesehen. Finde ihn nur etwas schöner gebogen, weil das Stück von dem Ring besser mit dem Herz verbunden ist. Dann steht das Herz nicht so oben da drüber,… versteht man das?!

    Werde mal versuchen mit Hilfe deiner Anleitung ihn nachzubasteln 🙂
    … *toi toi toi* dass das was wird!
    Finde du hast einen tollen Blog! LG Sarah

    1. Liebe Sarah,
      vielen Dank für deine lieben Worte ❤
      Für den Ring von Etsy braucht man sicher etwas dickeren Draht, ich werde das mal bei Gelegenheit ausprobieren!

      Liebe Grüße,

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