A month without Shopping.


I didn’t buy clothes for a month.

Not such a big deal, you say?

Well, for someone who loves to shop it clearly is a huge deal. But let me start:

When we redecorated our house a bit this december I also got a new (second) closet. It is a big one. So I found myself digging through a HUGE pile of clothes, shaking my head, thinking „why did I buy that? It looks exactly like that other one I already had!“ – I don’t know if you know that feeling but it’s not a great one, realizing you have kind of a problem. I found out I had several skirts I never wore. I also own lots of shirts and jeans I never wear. Not to speak of the 60 dresses.

Anyways, after I put all my clothes in my new closet I realized I have to stop buying stuff. So I stopped. During that phase I also learned that I used to go Shopping for different reasons:

– because I was bored
– because I was unhappy
– because I was happy
– because „we’re going to visit friends and I want to wear something cute“ was the perfect excuse
– because online Shopping is so easy
– … because I got used to going to the stores every weekend to search for new „treasures“ I so often didn’t even wear.

That „getting used to“- part was the worst.  Because it is dangerous. You know, kind of addictive?

By now I didn’t do any kind of clothes Shopping for a month. I bought a lot of books instead, but – hey – books to me are what keeps my soul together. I just love them. But that’s another story.

So how did I do it? The first two weeks were the worst. I used to think of Shopping a lot. Isn’t that crazy? But like I said – it became a habit of mine. Instead of Shopping I cooked and read and met with friends more often. Then it became more easy. I didn’t think of Shopping at all. Sometimes I went to an Online Store and then realized I was not to buy any clothes – so I quit and knitted instead. Knitting has become fun again!

And right now, one month has passed and I want to keep the „no Shopping“-attitude a few more weeks. No Shopping in February but due to my birthday I will be Shopping a little with my mom in march.

The good things about that:

– I get to save a some money
– I get to wear „old“ clothes more often. And a lot of people ask if they were new and when I tell them they are pretty old I am not even lying!
– I am already looking forward to buying something special in march. Because you know – for me it is quality over quantity this year. And since I already own so much stuff I need special things to pimp my closet!
– I don’t feel like a fashion victim anymore. YAY!

Have you ever experienced „no Shopping“-time or are you a regular Shopper like I was? I would love to hear your stories.




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  1. That is so good of you! I am also a shopaholic. I seem to have phases. Sometimes it’s clothes, or expensive soaps, or beads. Right now it’s clothing patterns. I’ve discovered indie pattern designers and now I want them all. Sometimes I hate being stuck in this consumer society.

  2. Giving up shopping really does allow you to see other things out there. Don’t get me wrong…shopping is fun. But having time for other stuff is great, too. Congratulations on your feat! And, good luck through February. The other thing that is pretty amazing is that once you get so far along without shopping, you won’t miss it. By March, you’ll probably wonder how you had all that time to shop. 🙂

  3. Wow! Ich bewundere dich fürs nicht – shoppen! Ich sollte das auch einmal machen – mein Kleiderschrank ist mehr als voll….
    Bei mir ist nicht einmal die Gefahr des Stadtbummels so groß – aus Zeitmangel schaffe ich es dorthin sowieso fast nie. Mein Shoppingparadies ist das Internet…

  4. This is neat. I get stuck in a rut of guilt sometimes when I buy new clothes – especially since I’ve got to Haiti and seen children and families that literally only have one shirt and one pair of pants. It’s heartbreaking how spoiled we are in more privileged countries. I do think an upside is not doing laundry as much – not gonna lie about that! I think your post was inspirational. 🙂 Good for you, Katja!

  5. Ich habe kein Problem damit mehrere Wochen nicht zu shoppen.. Zumindest Klamotten. Das hat mir irgendwie noch nie viel ausgemacht und ich kann mich auch gut damit zufrieden geben einfach mal durch einen Laden zu schlendern und nichts zu kaufen. Im Moment ist es schon 3 Monate her, dass ich das letzte Mal etwas im Bereich Kleidung gekauft habe. Ich hab mich deswegen noch nie “unmodisch” oder sowas gefühlt. Natürlich braucht man ab und zu mal was neues, vor allem wenn die kalte Jahreszeit endlich vorbei ist und man wieder kürzere und dünnere Sachen tragen kann. Aber bei vielen Dingen, die ich im Laden auf den ersten Blick soo toll/süß/hübsch finde überlege ich mir zum einen, womit ich es kombinieren kann. Wenn mir da schon nicht genügend Möglichkeiten einfallen, bleibt es im Laden. Außerdem frage ich mich, wie oft ich es wirklich tragen werde, ganz ehrlich. Und bei vielen Dingen stelle ich fest, dass ich sie dann doch nur 2-3 Mal anziehen würde, weil sie für die Uni zu kurz sind, oder für den Alltag zu schick, oder oder oder.. Als letztes halte ich mir dann nochmal den Betrag der jeweiligen Sache vor Augen und ob ich wirklich bereit bin das zu bezahlen, bzw. was man nicht alles anderes mit dem Geld machen könnte (zB mal mit dem Freund schön essen gehen, oder für den nächsten Urlaub sparen…)

    Meine größeres Laster ist Shoppen für Bastelsachen und Scrapbookprodukte…ohoh.. Da ergeht es mir dann ähnlich wie dir bei den Klamotten 😉

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