DIY: Valentine’s sugar cubes.

diy maedchenmitherz valentines day cubes2


Valentine’s Day is not a big deal for me. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic but the rest of the world seems not to be so I usually don’t celebrate this day either. But I love little signs that show the Mr. he’s appreciated and cherished. These sugar cubes are kind of that thing.

diy maedchenmitherz valentines day cubes1


The ingredients are very simple – I already had all of them at home.

You’ll need:
sugar cubes
sugar hearts (the ones you use for cake decorating)

That’s basically all.

diy valetines ring maedchenmitherz1


Dip the cube in the water. Be careful not to dip too long because if you do, the whole cube gets soaked up in water and this will be your result:

diy valetines ring maedchenmitherz2


So dip shortly and then put a teeny tiny heart on top of the cube.

Let it become dry again and… voilà! You have a sweet Valentine’s surprise!

diy maedchenmitherz valentines day cubes3


diy maedchenmitherz valentines day cubes7


I can imagine these cubes packed in little plastic bags to give them away. Maybe along with some coffee powder or tea bags? Many options and SO little to do, right?


Have fun!




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