Around the blogosphere.

The cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!

This salad just looks so yummy! I need to make one for the Mr. and me soon.

Another cute hand warmer DIY. I just love handwarmers.

The cutest little shop. Seriously. Everything is perfect!

I love simple DIY ideas. This heart stamped cup is so simple it is genius!

I need a camera bag. Which one is the best?

A double seed stitch blanket sounds like quite the project but I guess I want to knit one so badly I can’t even say NO!

And how amazing does a winter picnic sound??

I tried this recipe today and it is AMAZING!

January was quite the pretty month. At least for Sarai.

Organic Sugar Scrub – great idea!

The prettiest desktop background. Like, ever.

And doesn’t this outfit look adorable?

Hope  your week is / was the best!



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