Tuesday reads – „Greenbox“.

tuesday reads

Hello there!

Today I want to show you a new addition to my (tiny) cookbook collection.

A cookbook? Yes. A cookbook.

Greenbox. By Tim Maelzer.

The Story:

Tim Maelzer is a famous german cook. He is well known for his meat recipes. You know, grilled meat, baked meat, ground meat. All kind of meat recipes. Very delicious, I must say. So I was kind of amazed when I found out he made a cookbook that included only vegetarian recipes. The first time I saw it in the store I knew I had to buy it. So I did.


Is it worth reading?

Absolutely! This book is a true treasure. It contains a lot of delicious recipes – all of them meatless. I like eating a good steak but I also love eating vegetarian menues. So this book is seriously perfect. I have already tried a few of the brilliant recipes and really enjoyed cooking and eating them.

Also I have to tell you the book is very well designed. So many great illustrations! Very, very pretty. This book comes stuffed with a lot of information on the different vegetables and the different recipes. Where do they originally come from, why are they called what they are called etc.?

Well done. Very well done. Seriously a treasure in my cookbook collection.




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  1. when it comes to cookbooks, i’m all about illustrations. i dunno, there’s something about text that is unappealing to me when reading about food. this seems to be a good book for me.

    love, x
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  2. need to check this book out next time i am at the bookstore.
    i like tim’s recipes. i like cookbooks. i like getting a little extra infos in addition to the recipes. i love well designed books. so this seems to be a book i love.

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