My life lately – according to instagram.

Hey there!

Life lately has been kind of great if you ask me. Not that I did some „AMAZING“ things – it has actually been quite the laid back time. Maybe that was exactly what I needed? Most likely.

Anyways… here are a few impressions I shared on instagram:

I cooked. A lot.

Don’t you just enjoy a home cooked meal? I love it even more than any kind of restaurant meal I’d ever eaten.

Since I gained some weight over the holidays and haven’t gotten back to my „kind of clean eating“ schedule… It was very hard for me to get in the mood to workout. But I had to. And I am SO glad I really did it! I found out that one of my favorite trainers is back and now working out is fun again!

I gave away some of my old music cassetes I used to listen to a lot when I was a child (and a few years ago when I was not able to sleep in for a few nights). I know they are appreciated now but somehow I got a bit teary eyed. You know? It is like giving up a part of my inner child.

I took the time to be amazed by the sunrise when I drove to work. Those moments are rare, so this time it was extra special.

Kitty cuddles are the best thing in the whole wide world, don’t you agree?

My Saturday included a cute movie.

And some major knitting. It is the second knitting project I finished! This doll actually is „huge“ and she still needs shoes and a dress. But look…. how cute! Let me tell you: I am very proud.

Oh, and for Valentine’s day I surprised the MR. with an indoor-picnic. We had a lovely evening!


What were you up to lately?




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