My birthday wishlist.




Hello friends!


I will turn 29 in less than 3 weeks and every year it gets harder to wish for something. Anyone with me on that? But while browsing a few online shops I found some things I would really like to own. Look:maedchenmitherz




1 // a notebook. A zig-zag notebook. I love notebooks. Like, really. And even more I do love pretty notebooks. And look at that! Isn’t it adorable? 2 // a bag. It’s an expensive bag but so pretty. I love, love, love the berry color!  3 // a dress. I know I already own way too many dresses and since I rarely wear them it would be a total waste of money. But gifts are not forced to be useful, are they?  4 // a print. I want to start a tiny collection of art and this Kelli Murray print is just to die for!  5 //a case for my kindle. And this one is from Orla Kiely which makes it extra special! 6 // a knitting book. I want to start knitting clothes but have no idea how. So… a book it is!


That was my wishlist. What’s on your wishlist these days?




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