DIY: Polkadot napkin.

napkin polkadots1

For my birthday this year, I invited some friends. In preparation for a cute dinner I made these napkins last weekend. In case you didn’t know – I have a thing for polkadots. So there was no lame question about what theme should be happening on my birthday table. Polkadots it is!

Here’s how I made these napkins:

napkin maedchenmitherz2

It is a simple DIY as you will only need fabric napkins, a foam stamp and fabric paint.

napkin polkadots3

Please make sure you line some paper underneath the napkin because the paint will ruin your table if you don’t!

napkin polkadots4

Dip the foam into the paint and start stamping right away.

napkin polkadots5

Once you are done stamping, let the napkin dry. And well… that’s it!

Have fun crafting your own polkadot napkin and please feel free to share!



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