DIY: Ombre Wooden Spoons

Hello again and a happy Wednesday to you!

If there’s one thing I like it’s anything ombre styled. Scarves, napkins, shirts,… you get the idea. And with my birthday just around the corner I decided to decorate these neat wooden spoons. Ombre style.

wooden spoons DIY 0





wooden spoons DIY 1


You’ll need:

wooden spoons
acrylic paint (the color you like and white!) & paint brush
masking tape

wooden spoons DIY 2


I used the masking tape to make sure my paint won’t get anywhere I don’t need it.

wooden spoons DIY 3


I started with the darkest shade of my color and by adding a bit of white with each step…

wooden spoons DIY 4


… I made the color lighter….

wooden spoons DIY 5


and lighter every time until it was almost white. Let the color dry and serve a delicious treat along with these spoons!

Have fun creating your own party decoration.



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