(WHY doesn’t my hair look like that every day????? WHY?????)

Yeah, again. I have told you about some things you might not know about me from time to time. And since the last time I shared fun facts about myself has been a while… well,

1. I LOVE watching cooking shows. Ha, yeah. I am addicted and watching other people cook great things inspires me. Big time!

2. I am in my happy place. I invited a few new people into my life (small and grown) and that made it almost complete. I can’t tell you how much I love spending time with interesting people. And I also love crafting with little girls who then paint me some pictures that I can hang in my craft room. Eeeeeek!

3. I prefer patterned socks. If you look at my sock drawer… there are nearly no uni colored socks. Haha, I am like a 5-year-old!

4. The Mr. and I have almost spend 9 years of our lives together. Thinking of this makes me smile every time. Why? Because it still feels like we just met and just moved in together. But even moving together happened 6 1/2 years ago.

5. I look waaaaaay younger than I am. That’s not a big secret because you can actually see it. I turn 29 next Tuesday. Who knew? Most of the people just say I am 25. And if you ask me… I still feel like a 16-year-old. Meh!

6. I like Indie Music. But my guilty pleasure when it comes to music is Lady Gaga. And David Guetta. And music from the 60’s. And german singer/songwriter stuff.

7. My first word was „car“. Haha, that’s interesting because it took me quite a while to pass my drivers‘ license test.

How about you? Would you love to share some interesting fact? Let us know!




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  1. katja, your hair is always beautiful! =) just like the rest of you! haha!

    i’m glad you are well! i can relate on the looking younger front. i am 21, but people come into my work and look at me and ask me „why aren’t you in school right now?“ and they mean right that moment because they think i am truant…

    i love reading these facts about you! hehe! what is the word for car in german?

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