Hey there and happy Wednesday!

Let me show you some inspiring blog posts:

I was pretty swoon by the idea behind the Guerilla Bakery.

Seriously, how pretty is Ms. Moon?

Moorea’s 52 Lists project is such a great idea! I think I am joining in… ❤

Jennifer Lawrence totally rocks!

Lavender Lemon Shortbread. Lavender. LAVENDER!!!

Tiramisu cake. Come on, how pretty is that!

10 awesomely adorable dog gifs. Hahahahahhaha!

Matching shoes. Hihi!

A DIY is always a great way to get creative.

Wax-resist technique scarves FTW! I need to try that.

Oh, how gorgeous is that idea? Ice cream cone garland. And soooo easy to make!


I hope these blogposts inspired you as much as me.