Thoughts on being 29.

Well, hello there!

I turned 29 yesterday and had the best birthday ever! Not only was I blessed with the best birthday wishes from many, many people. I also got some very great presents. The best of all? A painting from a 4 year-old and a photobook made by the Mr.

I know I am not the average 29-year old. But then again: What does the average 29er look and act like? But I have been told a lot I am more like a mid-twenty lady then.

turning 29 means this is my last year as a twenty-someting. Next year I will be 30. The big 3-0! Last time I celebrated anything-0 I turned 20 and had the best time. I was going out a lot, meeting with friends and having fun. Sometimes I had too much fun but I guess that’s some lesson one has to learn on the way.

Now I find myself in a serious relationship for over 8 years. I find myself working a fulltime job. I talk about buying stuff for the house. Buying a new car. I also find myself thinking about marriage and kids. Weekends are filled with talks and meeting friends to chat or go out for dinner, not so much with parties and having drinks.

Do I miss the „old days“? Not at all. I think the best times are still ahead. I am going to get married one day. I am ging to have a family, to give birth to children. I am sure going to own a dog one day. Work less, live more. I am going to doubt my life from time to time and then looking back at the „good old days“ thinking I did nothing wrong.

Seriously, the best days are still ahead and I am very curious what this new year in the life of me will feel like. I spent most of this day curled up on the couch, reading (and sleeping, haha) – it is my first day off and I’ll go back to work on March 13th. So today was not wasted at all, it was a perfect recharging-day.


So… do you ever imagine your future or think about the past? Let us be part of your thoughts!




8 Gedanken zu “Thoughts on being 29.

  1. Alles Gute nachträglich und wenn ich das so lese…du kommst, wie eine total zufriedene und rundum glückliche Person rüber, das ist einfach soo schön ❤
    Ich hoffe, du hast gut gefeiert und dass alles so kommt, wie du es dir wünschst. Und ich hätte dich spontan echt mal auf Anfang 20 geschätzt 🙂

  2. Auch von mir noch alles Liebe zu deinem Geburtstag. Auch wenn ich dich nur durch deinen Blog „kenne“, hoffe ich natürlich, dass du eine tolle Feier hattest.
    Ich bin fast 22 Jahre und viele denken, ich sei älter. Schon jetzt könnte ich mir vorstellen Kinder zu haben mit allem drum und dran, aber es fühlt sich gut an noch so jung zu sein und damit auch Zeit zu reisen und sich selbst noch mehr kennen zu lernen. So viel zu mir! 🙂

  3. Happy birthday! What a great post. Love the positive energy. And yes, I always imagine my future and think about the past. But I wouldn’t change it. I actually just posted on my blog about my „happiness jar.“ You start the new year off with a jar and fill it with notes about good things that have happened to you and read it at the end of the year. Think since you just had your birthday, you should definitely start one. Definitely stop by. And thank you for this great post.

  4. Happy Birthday! What a great, reflective post on birthdays and aging! I often find myself reflecting on my life, where it has taken me and what it has brought me and I always come to the conclusion that I am so blessed and grateful! I think it is so important to be grateful for what we have rather than focusing on the negative; there is so much life has to offer if only we are willing to embrace it! 🙂

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