Dear little Me.

Hey there!

Inspired by Savannahs „Dear little Me…“ Series I decided to jump in. Here’s a letter to my little self.



Dear little Katja,

please don’t ever be afraid to ask for what you desperately want. Stand up and fight for your dreams. And don’t you ever think you are not worth being loved and cherished. Because you are. I know times will get rough once you are a teenager but things will get better, I promise. There might be days you feel like you don’t deserve anything good. But you do. There might also be days when you feel like there’s nothing going right in your life. Those moments will force you to change and you might realize that you have a pretty big heart and most of all – that you are stronger than you thought.

Don’t ever be ashamed of your tears or of your playful nature. There might be people telling you to „grow up“ but I swear: You’ll be grown up soon enough! Allow yourself to spend days outside, sitting in the grass, counting daisies.
And don’t be too shy to talk to strangers. Strangers might become friends easier than you imagined.

Little Katja, learn to trust yourself, learn to trust your instincts.

And always, always be sure about one thing: You give love and you are loved. Always.

Love, Grown up Katja