Tuesday reads: Slam.

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One of my favorite authors of all time is Nick Hornby. Remember him? He’s the one who wrote „About a Boy“ and „High Fidelity„. He speaks to me on so many different levels and I can always relate to what he’s writing.

Since I love him so much, here’s another book recommendation for you:

Slam by Nick Hornby

The story:

16 year-old Sam is a normal teenager. He loves to skate, to have fun. His life is somewhat easy but is about to turn into a complicated and responsable piece of life. Once he finds out his (ex-) girlfriend is pregnant and wants to keep the baby, he has to grow up way too soon.

Is it worth reading?

This sounds like a „yeah, heard it all“ story and maybe it is. But Nick Hornby is a genius when it comes to telling simple stories. For the whole time you can absolutely imagine seeing those two kids struggling, fighting, loving each other…talking to their parents. Oh, this book is pretty great, really! Especially since I am working in a field where I see pregnant kids very often. This makes it so „real“ and somehow it helps me understand how afraid they really are. You know, besides their mask of „haha, funny“ they put on!

I’d say: Give it a try, it is a good book!

3 Gedanken zu “Tuesday reads: Slam.

  1. 🙂 naja, musik spielt wie immer eine große rolle. ich denke, man sollte dieses genre schon auch mögen, um’s gut zu finden. allerdings ist es schon auch ein bisschen anders, als high fidelity. ich find’s großartig, aber das ist ja geschmackssache 🙂

  2. Ich habe „High Fidelity“ gelesen und fand das Buch, obwohl es sich stark um Musik dreht, relativ langweilig. Fandest du „Slam“ besser/interessanter? Vielleicht sollte ich Nick Hornby noch eine Chance geben 😉

  3. A few years back I listened to the talking book version, read by Matthias Schweighöfer – too funny!! I was laughing and crying at the same time, it was that good. 🙂

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