The things I never did.

Hello there!

One of my favorite Online reads is the ohhh mhhh Blog. Ever friday, Steffi invites her readers to play along in a little survey. So last friday she wanted everyone to share the things they always wanted to do but never did because they didn’t have the time or whatever. I decided it was fun to finally join the party and tell you about the things I have never done but wish I had so I am trying to do them now:

– Get my nails done.

Oh yes. I can’t tell you how many times I have thought of getting my nails done. Not in the glittery kind of way. But just getting them polished and put on some pretty color etc. I think I am going to try it this year!

– Yoga.

Yoga seems to be working great when you have back pain. I do have a constant pain in my back so I think I should finally get up and take a yoga class. Or learn from yoga videos. Any recommendations?

– Knitting myself a sweater. Or a dress.

That is a long hidden wish of mine. Knitting is so much fun but sticking to a project when it takes you a looooooot of time is never easy. Knitting a sweater might take me a while but I do have the whole spring and summer left until I need it to be finished.

– Grow my bangs out.

Yeah, I am totally doing that right now even though it freaks me out every day. I am THIS close to getting a haircut.

– Write a book.

This is the most exciting thing I can think about! Writing a book feels like something I really need to be doing. I have a story on my mind and I am trying to write it down… But trust me, it is waaaaay harder than you imagined. Not to say, – a lot of work. I’ll let you know how it turned out!

– Join a sewing class.

I think I have talked about this for the last 3 years… But this year I really want to give it a try!

– Starting a book club.

There is this idea in my head about a book club I would want to start but I am afraid there won’t be enough people to join me here. So I thought of maybe starting an online book club but I also don’t know if anyone would join. Would you?

So… what are the things you never did but want to do NOW?



6 Gedanken zu “The things I never did.

  1. Hallo Katja,
    ich mache schon eine ganze Weile Yoga und kann dir wärmstens die DVDs von Inga Stendel empfehlen (findest du bei Amazon) die sind wirklich super!

    Und bei dem Buchclub wäre ich auch dabei ;D

  2. Einen Quilt nähen! Das ist das, was ich mir schon ewig vorgenommen habe. Jetzt wird es wohl aber keiner für mein Bett, sondern eine Krabbeldecke 😀
    Kannst du mir vielleicht ein paar Shops empfehlen?
    Das wird mein nächstes großes Projekt werden.

  3. Das mit dem Buchclub hört sich wirklich gut an, mich würde sowas auf jeden Fall auch interessieren!
    Für alle anderen Ziele wünsch ich dir natürlich auch Kraft, Zeit und Muse, damit du sie erreichst 😉

  4. Hallo Katja
    wollte kurz nachfragen, ob du meine Email betreffend des Jewelry by Eve Burghold Giveaway erhalten hast?!
    liebe Grüsse,

  5. hahahaha, wir sind gespannt, obs mit dem Nähkurs dieses Jahr klappt! 😀
    Die Idee mit dem Online-Buchclub klingt toll! Lass es mich wissen, falls du an diesem Projekt dranbleibst!

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