Tuesday reads: Dark Destiny.

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Hey there!

I have told you about one of my favorite dystopian books called „Dark Canopy“ (written by Jennifer Benkau) here and here. You need to know – this was my favorite read in 2012! So it shouldn’t be surprising at all that last Wednesday was a big day for me! The sequel to „Dark Canopy“ arrived at my doorstep. It is called
Dark Destiny by Jennifer Benkau
and you should not keep reading this if you haven’t read the first book yet and plan on doing so…! SPOILER ALERT!


The story:

The basic story is about this: The Percents, super soldiers who were created to fight in the 3rd world war (and who are monsters – inside and out), took over the world because humans tortured and abused them. They now rule in a very cruel way. Every human is afraid of them. They burn in the sunlight (like vampires) so they make the whole world dark every hour of the day except for one. That darkness is called „Dark Canopy“. The main character, Neél is a young soldier who has yet to become  a lieutenant. He is a so called „Varlet“ and lives in a camp with other Varlets. To become a lieutenant, Neél has to train a human (who has been caught especially for that reason) to run and fight for his/her life in the „Chivvy“, a huge fight in some kind of an arena.

The other main character, Joy, lives with the Rebels and tries to fight the Percents. But she gets caught and now becomes Neéls trainee. In the beginning she feels nothing but hate and he trains her hard but over time she realizes that many times he tries to save her. He tries to make her win the Chivvy so she can go home. And she falls in love with him. Just like he falls in love with her.

It has been the cliffhanger of the year when Joy and Neèl finally left the city but found themselves imprisoned in the Rebel headquarter where Neél was tortured by Joy’s former clan. They let him sit in the strict sunlight. Actually after the last words you are left to believe Neél is dead. And because this book was very well written you might have already fallen in love with him as well and this might have left you in pain. I held my breath when I read these last words and realized I’d have to wait 8 months until I would know if he survived.

So. On to the book we’re now talking about (SKIP THIS PART IF YOU HAVEN’T READ IT YET!!!!!!):

Neél survived. But he is not half of the man he used to be. His whole skin is burned and he feels ashamed, useless. In the beginning, he is still with them Rebels and they keep torturing him. But then they give him to another clan who then „sells“ him to the Percents again. So he slowly heals but since the sun burned his whole skin, he doesn’t „feel“ anymore. He is a broken man and behaves as if nothing mattered to him anymore. He believes Joy had chosen the „Rebel clan“ and that she wouldn’t care about him anyway. That her so called love was betrayal. He feels numb. Besides that, Joy is still „imprisoned“ by the Rebel clan but she makes her way out of the tunnels where the rebels hide after there headquarter had been burned down. She makes her way through the cold winter nights and gets to the city.

I won’t tell you anything else about that here because I think you have to read it yourself.


Is it worth reading?

I know I say that a lot… but it is. YES! This is my favorite book in 2013 so far (and I have read a lot of books already). If you are into dark stories with a touch of love and passion and also some mysterious elements… this is your book!


Have you read it?




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