Easter basket DIY

Hello lovelies!

With easter just around the corner, I am totally in the crafty mood. So here’s a DIY for you:

easter basket diy 1


For this cute easter basket you will need:

easter basket diy 2


two different kind of fabrics (one for the inside, one for the outside)
fusible batting

easter basket diy 3


Cut the pieces of fabric according to this pattern: 21 cm x 14,5 cm. Also cut the batting.

easter basket diy 4


Iron the fusible batting to the outside fabric.

easter basket diy 5

Then sew the outside and inside fabric together, starting with the folding line. Make sure the fabrics face each other. After that, printed sides facing each other, sew around the „whole“ fabric. Leave a part of the seam of the inside open so you can turn the basket inside-out once you’ve finished.

easter basket diy 7



easter basket diy 6


easter basket diy 8


Now fold one bottom corner of the „outside fabric“ so you get a triangle.

easter basket diy 9


Sew a line across the triangle. Repeat on the other side.

easter basket diy 10


Once you’ve done it, cut off the leftover fabric. Now your basket will look like that. Repeat the last steps on the inside fabric.

easter basket diy 11


Turn your work inside-out and close the seam of the inside fabric.

easter basket diy 12


Use the ladder stitch to close the seam.

easter basket diy 13


After some ironing your basket should look like this.

easter basket diy 14


So cute! Now all you have to do is fold the top of the basket and fill it with lovely gifts you have prepared for easter.

easter basket diy 116



Have fun crafting!





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