Around the blogosphere.

(a cute little ladybug we found on our walk last Monday)

Hey there!

Did you know I love reading blogs and spying on cute websites? I bet you did 🙂 Soooo…. here are a few pretty things I found these days:

Let’s start with a pretty colorful and unique wedding. I love the whole concept!

Winter can be pretty annoying but also… pretty pretty.

Keiko Lynn and I had an on-off-relationship for some time. Meaning: I followed her blog, unfollowed it, followed it again, unfollowed it. Now she’s back in my life and I see many things have changed. I like that. It’s like we’re getting to know each other again 🙂

A pretty shop. And I mean: really pretty!

Another – even prettier – shop you should bookmark. NOW!

My friend Katha has the best hat ever. Everervereverever!

Apartment – before and after. Holy moly!

A weekly inspiration: WWZDW! (read: What Would Zooey Deschanel Wear?)

Searching for a unique bag? This is your shop!

Mango Popcorn Balls. Eeeeek!

I just fell off the sofa while looking at these pictures. Muahahaha, even right now thinking of them, I am laughing!

Say no to size zero.


Ok, have fun browsing through the different blogs and websites and feel free to leave us a note with your favorite read these days.








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