I’m 26 now.

And I’m just taking a minute to show you one thing I got as a present today ❤ This is the Hong Meow -Diana F+ lomo!!!! I already love it even though I need to go buy a film for it and then tryyyyyyy it xD But look, how cute it is! There’s also one … Mehr I’m 26 now.


YAY! Since some of you were telling me to do it, I added the Diana Minis to my etsy shop…. I am really excited right now ^^ I also made a long list of things I want to blog about or just change about my blog. You know, I asked about your wishes before ^^ … Mehr Made.

New brooches xD

Hello, Lovelies ❤ How’s your day so far? 🙂 Mine is beautiful! More than that. 🙂 I have a head full of ideas and a BIG MESS in my studio ^^ (not too bad, I have many boxes where I can put in the mess 😉 ) And here’s a peek of some new ideas: … Mehr New brooches xD