Say Hello!

Happy Monday, lovelies! I wanted to show you a cute new friend I made this weekend: It’s a cat xD I haven’t found a name for her yet but maybe you have a suggestion?! Well, anyways – isn’t this the cutest little cat ever???? HA! Makes me so so happy I finally have new ideas … Mehr Say Hello!

Here come the kitten!

Hi there and happy friday! 🙂 Well, I have found these videos that made me soooo happy and thought you deserve some happiness, too: Aaaah, and Iove this one soooo much! Always makes me smile again. ❤ Have a great funny friday and be excited for tomorrow ….. *shhhhhhh* Loves, Katja

Plaid. Is. Love.

Heya! 😀 How are you today, sitting in front of your laptop or PC and reading my lovely blog?! (Thank you for reading, by the way^^) I think, I’ve been knitting and crocheting too much during the last days. My hands and arms hurt so much today! Urgh! But enough about complaining 😉 Let me … Mehr Plaid. Is. Love.