DIY: wooden frames.

  Hello, lovelies! I am officially back from my little christmas-vacation and besides relaxing, exchanging gifts and eating toooooons of sweets… I have been very crafty today. 🙂 My dad gave me these wooden slices while I was home. They are from an ooooold tree and he kept them in the barn for a while … Mehr DIY: wooden frames.

DIY: picnic basket

Hello loveliest! ❤ There’s a basket in my closet I use for grocery shopping or for picnic adventures. For the picnic part of my basket I always wanted to style it pretty. And so I did. 🙂 Here’s what the basket looked like „before“: Boring, right? Looks much cuter with the fabric. Step one: Decide … Mehr DIY: picnic basket

The tote bag.

Happy Sunday, loves! This week I cut off a bit of my spare time to craft. Yep, you heard right 🙂 Look what I made: A flower decorated tote bag! Oh well… this was just a short post to show you my new tote bag 🙂 Hope you are having a magical Sunday! Mine so … Mehr The tote bag.