The fox.

Happy Tuesday, lovelies! Let me introduce you to another plush toy I made: the fox! This cute little guy already stole my heart. Isn’t this fox sweet? I am really starting to like this plushie sewing thing. It is sooooooooo much fun! Maybe you will see some more toys around here in the future? Loves, … Mehr The fox.

fun stuff.

    Oh well, this is just SO much fun ❤ And there were some comments asking for tutorials… well, I think I will make a tutorial some time soon but here are a few videos so you see what this is like:     You should definitely try it, it’s really great!   Loves, … Mehr fun stuff.

Secret project day 6

Hi there! ❤ Here’s todays‘ project for you. 1., print and cut out the pattern: secretproject3   You will need: brown felt fibre fill scissors needles & enmbroidery thread ribbon   Now, please cut out 2 pieces of the brown felt according to the pattern. Cut out small circles of pink felt to use as … Mehr Secret project day 6