Hi! 😀 How has your day been so far?! I saw an adorable wreath the other day over at Rachel’s Blog. I thought, it was really pretty and felt totally inspired by the lovely colours ❤ So I made one for our home: It’s a small one and somehow it welcomes autumn 🙂 And it … Mehr Wreath

Productive Tuesday Morning!

Hi there you great people! ❤ I took out some felt this morning and started creating a cute brooch aaaaaand a piece of hair decoration! See: Yay! 🙂 I’ve added both of them to my etsy-shop…. Feels like I am addicted to etsy WEIRD! But lovely ❤ Have a wonderful Tuesday! Katja

Polaroid Purse

I’d love to have a Polaroid Camera. Who doesn’t?! xD But I can’t afford one now. Maybe at the end of this year xD But what I can do, is express my love. And how?! Haha, I made a polaroid purse xD It’s a polaroid-picture-styled cute little purse. It was fun to sew it and … Mehr Polaroid Purse

New iPhone Case xD

Oh my! Is it just me or has anyone of you ever thought she forgot how to sew?! That’s SOOOOO frustrating -.-* I needed several tries (and lost my nerves!) sewing this cute case: It’s in my shop. 🙂 OOOOOOooooooooh, the first one of my shirts got sold!!!! ❤ Happy!!! 😀 I hope, your day … Mehr New iPhone Case xD