The egg hat DIY!

Sometimes I like to surprise the Mr. with placing little cute things in our house he might smile about. This time it is too cute not to share! I placed an egg with a hat in the fridge and the next time he opened it he smiled biiiiiiig time 🙂 haha! And here’s how I … Mehr The egg hat DIY!

I know!

Hi 🙂 I know, it’s late (at least it is over here ^^ 11 pm.) – but here’s my friday post: I came home really early today, like 2pm – and I was sooo tired that I decided to take a nap. Well, when I woke up, it was already 6 pm -.-* It’s a … Mehr I know!

Another hat.

It goes on and on and on ^^ I love this one: I’m proud of me, that besides work and boyfriend and housekeeping and meeting friends, I still manage to craft every day! I made the crocheted flower last night after I came home at midnight! That’s addiction! Oh, and I had a wonderful day! … Mehr Another hat.