Countdown to Valentine’s day: Valentine’s heart.

Hello lovelies! Did you know I love giving away gift coupons for special occasions? Well I do. And here’s a fun way of giving away these surprises: Here’s what you will need to make these cute heart shaped envelopes: transparent paper, heart shaped confetti (I used a heart punch and craft paper), scissors and your … Mehr Countdown to Valentine’s day: Valentine’s heart.

Shoe Makeover.

Hello everyone! A pair of black flats has been on my shoe rack forever…. Today I thought it was about time for a cute makeover: That’s what I ended up with! 🙂 Lovely. Here’s what my flats looked like before: Boring, right?! I thought of these pretties I saw online a few months ago:   … Mehr Shoe Makeover.

Music Monday Vol. 1

This Linkin Park Song is one of my favorites. It’s also very special because everytime, the boyfriend hears it (on the radio or somewhere else) he says, he is thinking of me. ❤ Makes my heart melt, honestly. We have a very different taste when it comes to music, but Linkin Park is the band … Mehr Music Monday Vol. 1