Another owly DIY.

Happy Sunday, loves! Since I love DIYs and haven’t done many in January yet, here’s another cute DIY for you: Make a cute owl with me today! Supplies needed: a styrofoam ball (any size you want! I bought a bunch of these balls before christmas and wanted to turn them into ornaments. But somehow I … Mehr Another owly DIY.

Printable Owl Calendar

Happy 3rd day of 2011 everyone! 😀 Hope the new year is good to you. I love calendars and I love owls. So what’s better than an owl calendar?! Right, an owl calendar for free! I found this on one of my favorite blogs MY OWL BARN ❤ It’s a printable PDF calendar and the … Mehr Printable Owl Calendar

fun stuff.

    Oh well, this is just SO much fun ❤ And there were some comments asking for tutorials… well, I think I will make a tutorial some time soon but here are a few videos so you see what this is like:     You should definitely try it, it’s really great!   Loves, … Mehr fun stuff.

The owl.

Hi there and happy Monday! The boy brought this buddy home the other day and gave it to me as a gift: It’s a cute USB owl for the geek and the little girl in me xD I was so so so happy when I got it because it is SO DARN CUTE!!!! Yeah xD … Mehr The owl.