Tuesday reads: Slam.

Hello! One of my favorite authors of all time is Nick Hornby. Remember him? He’s the one who wrote „About a Boy“ and „High Fidelity„. He speaks to me on so many different levels and I can always relate to what he’s writing. Since I love him so much, here’s another book recommendation for you: … Mehr Tuesday reads: Slam.

Tuesday reads – Das Wunder der Unschuld / Pay it forward

Hello there and happy tuesday! Todays‘ book is one of my favorites. I actually got it as a birthday present when I was 14 years old. But it wasn’t until I was 17 that I read it. You know, some stories need patience and maybe I needed to „grow“ into the story. It is called: … Mehr Tuesday reads – Das Wunder der Unschuld / Pay it forward

Tuesday reads –

Hello there and happy tuesday! The book I am representing to you today is one of the cutest books I have ever read. Quite thin though – but very, very cute. Oh, and wise. The book I am talking about is called „All die Jahre: Eine Schafsliebe„ – „All the years: A sheeps‘ love „by Amelie … Mehr Tuesday reads –

Tuesday reads – Die Enklave / Enclave

I know, I know. It is definitely not tuesday. It’s wednesday. But let’s pretend it is tuesday because somehow I totally forgot to post my latest book recommendation. Shame on me! Anyways… the book I am representing today is Die Enklave / Enclave by Ann Aguirre Another dystopian read? Yeah, blame me! I LOVE dystopian stories. You know … Mehr Tuesday reads – Die Enklave / Enclave